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How can I wash my face (and get rid of makeup) without soap?

Every single cleanser/soap out there is irritating to my skin and until I get past this rosacea, I won't stop wearing makeup. Therefore, I was wondering if it's possible to get rid of makeup without soap or cleansers somehow?How can I wash my face (and get rid of makeup) without soap?
You can use oil to remove makeup. Put it on a tissue or cottonball and hold it to the area for a few seconds and gently wipe and it will come right off! Any type of oil, olive oil, baby oil, etc. You can also use Vaseline petroleum jelly, that also works. Your skin will not be irritated from the oil removal either. I hope this helps!! =)

P.S. This will work with waterproof products too.How can I wash my face (and get rid of makeup) without soap?
I use No7 from boots

its a moisturizer with added makeup remover.

It is gentle on the skin and hypo-allergenic

I love it!

Equate Facial Cleansing Towelettes, ~$6.00

Towelettes that you use to wash off all make-up and refresh skin without soap or water! Just wipe over face and throw away!
You could use makeup remover or makeup remover wipes, which are really gentle and sometimes have aloe.
just use a wet face cloth
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  • What face makeup can I buy to make my face a bit shiny?

    Luckily, I have good skin, I have no pimples, zits or any kinds of spots or scars on my face since I don't usually use foundation or any concealers. BUT due to that reason, sometimes my face is too boring and not stunning enough. When I go out I would like my face to look shiny like a porcelean doll and my face just looks normal. I just want to enhance the tone of my face to look a bit more glamourous. what kind of face makeup can i buy that makes my face shimmery but not too much looking like i use a lot of makeup since i dont? price is not an issue at all, please recommend something really good. thanks you. What face makeup can I buy to make my face a bit shiny?
    Use a kind of cream thats got lots of moisturizer in it. Mary Kay formula 1 is got that. IF you aren't allergic to mineral oil. %26amp; do not apply a finishing coat of powder. Also you could use a heavy moisturizer on before you a apply their makeup.What face makeup can I buy to make my face a bit shiny?
    I have something that makes skin shiny and moisturizes it but it's not's called Bio Oil you can buy it at CVS pharmacy or any other drugstore, it's an orange looking oil and it works GREAT for my face :]
    Try It is really good!
    use clinque make up they hve some things

    What are some good face products for newcomers to makeup?

    I am barely starting makeup and I need something LIGHT and non oily for my face. I was thinking of tinted moisturizers and pressed powder. I have combination skin and I just need some product recommendations please! oh and please tell me inexpensive products like drugstore brands.What are some good face products for newcomers to makeup?
    Neutrogena is drugstore but it's a little more expensive. They have good tinted moisturizers that have really high SPF, which is what you should be wearing anyways. You could try the ';Healthy Defense'; one, it's about $12.What are some good face products for newcomers to makeup?
    Since you are new to the makeup world, my best advice is stay away from the extremely cheap stuff.

    First you need to control the oily skin before any makeup goes on. I use Pepino cleanser followed by Manzanillo toner. After you wash you pat dry your face with a clean towel. Then apply toner and allow to air dry.

    I use Savila base foundation for oily skin. All of these products you can find them at Coonobabe. So check them out. hope this helps you.
    try st. ives make up wash and the apricot scrub, theyre great and cheap and smell good

    Non-irritating face cleanser and eye makeup remover in one?

    Hi there - I am trying to find an all-in-one product to remove eye makeup and cleanse the face that is gentle, non-irritating to the eyes and does not contain harmful ingredients (sodium laureth, parabens). I have used the Olay face cloths - which are great - but they have some ingredients I'd rather not use and I don't think they are biodegradable (?). Does anyone know of an oil-free product that meets above criteria and is either in a liquid form or biodegradable cloths?

    Thanks.Non-irritating face cleanser and eye makeup remover in one?
    Simple do a good range. Oddly enough I find the very best thing for make up removal is actually Johnson %26amp; Johnson Baby Wipes - don't know about bio-degradable, but the ingredients are kind and gentle to skin (after all, they are for babies!) take off even waterproof mascara and leave your skin feeling lush and smelling pretty, too.Non-irritating face cleanser and eye makeup remover in one?
    I'm using L'oreal gentle eye make up remover (dermo expertise - suitable for sensitive eyes, it does contain sodium laureth though..
    Lancome Paris...pure focus (greenish turpuois bottle) Its exactly wat you need n i guaranteed you'll love it..Good luck hun

    Can your face get sunburnt with makeup on?

    What about if the makeup has no SPF?Can your face get sunburnt with makeup on?
    YES! Trust me. I know from experience. Try to get a makeup with at least spf15. A lot of foundations have that now.

    But if you can't, there are plenty of moisturizers that you can use prior to makeup that have spf in them. For example, I use Olay complete all day moisture lotion with spf15.Can your face get sunburnt with makeup on?
    I'm pretty sure you can still get sunburned even with makeup on.

    The higher the SPF, the better.

    Remember, even on cloudy days, it only covers about 20-40% of the UV Rays, so it's better if you were sunscreen to prevent any skin damage or cancer.
    Yes. Any woman who's ever had to drive for more than an hour during a sunny day can verify this.

    Most brands of foundations and moisturizers come with SPF now, and the ones with SPF aren't much more expensive. There's really no reason to buy make up that doesn't have SPF in it.
    Of course! the spf is the make up would be the only thing protecting you from the harmful UVA and UVB rays. I strongly recommend using make up or a lotion with SPF at least 15.

    please help my Q:;鈥?/a>
    Totally can! Skip a step by applying foundation with SPF in it! Check out the Artistry Sheer Foundation:
    yes i no it seems weird but it can!! what u do is apply sunscreen, wait 4 it 2 dry, and then apply ur makeup!! trust me i have gone through the same stage
    ALWAYS use products wif spf even if its body cream...utherwise ur face WILL look like a wrickly old ladies face when ur 30
    Yea it can. esp if it has NO spf. haha

    Where can i get face paint or makeup for art?

    Or what kind etc. I just want to start out, and try it out. I seen some awesome face art i wana try. But I dont want to spend too much moneyWhere can i get face paint or makeup for art?
    Try鈥?/a> They offer different types of face paints, such as crayon style or push up. You can get 6 colors for $2.25.Where can i get face paint or makeup for art?
    You can make your own face paints at home just to give it a try. Here's a link for a recipe:鈥?/a>

    I would suggest getting a few make-up brushes to work with as well. Start with something cheap from the drug store.

    If you really get into this and want more tools or paint colors and mediums safe for skin a good company to purchase makeup from is ben nye. They make stage make-up and you can get it at most costume stores.

    Check out a stage make-up book by from the library, it will give you some application tips. The one by Richard Corson is a pretty good standard.

    Good Luck and Have Fun!
    iparty or any other party/costume shop

    I have an oval small face. What kind of makeup would you recomand to me?

    I have blue eyes and brown long hair and I have to find out what kind of make up can make my face to look bigger. Thank you.I have an oval small face. What kind of makeup would you recomand to me?
    The size of your face doesnt matter with makeup wat matters is your skin tone eye colour and hair.

    I cant really answer cause i dont noe your skin toneI have an oval small face. What kind of makeup would you recomand to me?
    I think that means nothing,,,,it's important that you should know you must be confident
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