Thursday, June 24, 2010

Can i tan through my face makeup?

Im going to start going tanning but i wear pretty thick/heavy power foundation. as well as spf 15 moisturizer under it. i have pretty bad acne so i dont really want to go out in public without my makeup on..or be at the tanning salon without my makeup.

am i going to be able to get a good tan on my face with the makeup on? or not?

and if i cant get a tan with the makeup then does anyone have any advice?

:) thank you!Can i tan through my face makeup?
In my personal history I never used to get tan with my face makeup still on, I don't think it's possible to. I NEVER wanted to go out in public without foundation on because i also had acne. I would usually go to the tanning place with my foundation on and then once I got into the little tanning room I would wipe it all off with a make-up wipe and then re apply it once I was done tanning so I still got a tan on my face. I just put a make-up wipe %26amp; all my foundation in my purse. Also (i don't know how old you are or if you've tried this but) I started using a birth control pill for my acne called Ortho-Tricyclen and it has completely cleared up my acne. I used to have it pretty bad until about the 2nd month of using birth control! Just a suggestion if you haven't tried it ! =]Can i tan through my face makeup?
please PLEASE don't go to a tanning salon sweetie! they are so bad for your skin and give you such an increased risk of developing skin cancer it is not worth it. Either fake tan or put on a heap of sunscreen and tan yourself in the natural sunlight in your yard (that way you wont need to wear makeup because you'll be at home). Tanning with sunscreen on does work. Sunscreen doesn't prevent you getting a tan it just stops the harmful rays from the sun damaging your skin however i would not recommend you sit outside and tan for hours in the hottest part of the day even if you are wearing sunscreen.
If you can grin and bear going to the tanning bed without make up on that would help. Having no-make up on your face while in the tanning bed will make your face tan. From personal experience I've never had bad acne but whenever I did have a few zits and layed in the tanning bed with no make up it actually helped clear it up.
I suggest fake tan or go to a salon and getting it done. You may not be able to wear make up before or for a little while after it's done but it can get a even coverage when done correctly and you won't put yourself in the risk of getting cancers from the UV rays or from tanning beds.
No you probably wont get a tan.

I would suggest bringing some baby wipes with you and wash your makeup off when you get in the tanning bed room. Then just bring the makeup with you and re apply when your done tanning.
well first of all wear you make up to there and make sure you bring it in yur bag aswel and when you get there while your waiting around wash it off and after you tan thngy is complete go into the bathroom and put it on again.

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