Tuesday, June 22, 2010

How can I make my face look pretty with makeup?

I have a round( i think its really fat) face. I have big cheeks. my eyebrows had a little accident a few years ago, and it between them is too big of a gap. theyre just unusual looking...

also i have a little nose and somewhat small mouth. I have hazel eyes and longgg eyelashes.

What is the best makeup color for hazel eyes?(mostly greenish)

and how can I fix my eyebrows without it looking like i actually put makeup on them? and how can i brighten up my face when i look dead?How can I make my face look pretty with makeup?
I would suggest possibly filling in your eyebrows if you not comfortable with they way they look. There are stencils out there, specifically made by Anastasia sold by Sephora. That is a great product and really does give the natural look.

If you want your cheeks to look smaller and more contoured, I would suggest using a bronzer on your cheeks but below the apple of your cheeks. Since it's hard to say this visually...youtube has many great videos on how to apply make up.

Also, if you have hazel eyes, pretty much anything looks good, but a more purple/taupe color looks really nice and brings the color out.

To brighten your face, I would suggest using bare escentuals..they make a product to add luminosity to provide a even complexion, which will brighten your skin.

Hope this helps somewhat.How can I make my face look pretty with makeup?
I will recommend watching make up videos on youtube for tips.And dont worry if you dont get the exact results you want because you will get better with time after trying and experimenting with the make up you choose eventually.

For the eye shadow,try olive,gold,brown,rust copper and green eyeshadows.Just blend it well and it should look good.

Do more research like i said before on youtube channels such as;





I hope this helps you out.

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